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  1. Hello. May be CDBurner is simply too rigorous. I had the same problem as badadjective, haschel74 and DoLLo. Here is a solution which works for me and an attempt of explanation: Solution: download ifoedit freeware (http://www.ifoedit.com/) backup your VIDEO_TS folder launch ifoedit open your VIDEO_TS.ifo file click on “Get VTS sectors” (this will correct possible errors in ifo files). burn your DVD Tell me if it works. Attempt of explanation CdBurnerXP uses apparently the contents of IFO files to generate the table of contents of the DVD (even with the data disc function). If there are errors in IFO files, this table of contents is incomplete.
  2. it is a pity that Flo does not re-lay our problem because it is definitely a bug: the managment of DVD file system is wrong !
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