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  1. I installed CDBurner 4.2.3 today and have some questions.

    (1) How do I add audio tracks to a CD-RW?

    Naturally, I already read the FAQ. If I undertood it correctly, CD players won't play tracks that have been added later, but computers do (confirmed by testing). But I suppose I could manage something of the kind by extending the compilation and reburn the CD everytime I make an addition? So I suppose my question would be: How do I use CDBurner in order to overwrite the existing material on a CD-RW? Do I have to start by emptying the disc manually?

    (2) How do I set the language to English?

    During installation, I chose only the languages that I understand from the list, for some reason English was not included in the list. When starting the program for the first time the only available options where the languages I had chosen from the list. I prefer to use Swedish when working with CDBurner, but English might be needed when for instance posting to this forum (terminology).

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