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  1. Actually, my original post kinda' got lost in the sauce. . . My question was this: Burning DVD media, I am offered two speed choices - 2.4x & 4.8x. I also noted the absence of the "Override Speed" button in case I wanted to burn at an even slower speed than 2.4x. Is this a limitation of the media? The burner? Or is that a "to-do" item? [off-topic] Maybe we can work something out? I am assuming that your product is a "wrapper" around API's that Starburn exposes - right? If I knew something about how you do this or, (gasp!), had access to source code, (under the pains of a slow lingering death!), I might be able to figure out how to duplicate this process in Linux, using API's that the Linux CD burner back-ends expose. Two caveats: 1. I've never claimed to be the hottest or smokinist programmer out there, so this might take just a teeny-tiny bit longer than 15 minutes to do. 2. Any port to Linux would - of necessity - be GPL'd or something substantially similar. This would not directly affect the Windows product, but would affect any Linux ports. [/off-topic] What say ye? Jim (JR)
  2. First, let me emphasize and agree with preali - this program just SO ROCKS that I include it on any (correct that: EVERY!) custom-built PC I build - for myself or for my customers. IMHO, it's one of those "MUST HAVE!" utilities (like Ultra Edit). Additonally, I want to add my voice to the "Override speed settings? We don't need no stinkin' Override Speed Settings!!" crowd. I have CD Burner XP - the latest-and-greatest version as of 9/18/2011. Freshly downloaded and installed after removing my previous version. In my case I am trying to burn DL-DVD's and even at 2.4x they often fail - using the best Verbatim DL media I can find. (And I pay dearly for it.) I am given two, and only two, speed choices: 2.4x and 4.8x. I was interested in "overriding" this setting and trying 1x. Unfortunately that does not seem to be available. I have not tried to burn any kind of CD for quite a while, so I cannot speak to the CD crowd. [Edit] I am using a laptop running Win7 Pro (64 bit) with a Hitachi-LG GSA-T40L "Slimtype" drive. And yes, I know that slimtype drives have their issues. And yes, I've updated to the latest-and-greatest firmware. I have an external enclosure that has an even later model of this drive (SATA, so it won't fit my laptop ) and it burns DL like a champ - so there is obviously an issue with this particular drive itself. . . . However it still only shows these two speeds. Update: Using the latest firmware from the rpc1.org website's database, (Viz.: http://files.rpc1.org/ --> Search), a D/L burn of just a smidge under 9gb worked like a champ! (wahoo!) I am trying a 2nd burn to make sure it's repeatable. I've been using expensive media to make beer coasters, but if I can get this [censored!] thing working, it'll be worth every disk I wasted to get to this point. [/Edit] Question: Should this option even be available for DVD burns? (Or do they just come in those two flavors - 2.4x and 4.8x - and it just stinks if you don't like either one.) I would be more than happy to provide log-files, DNA samples, blood sacrifice, or whatever else you need to help track down this problem. Assuming that it's actually a problem and not just a limitation of the media/drives/etc. p.s. @Flo: As a fellow developer (and software QA guru) "Ahhh feel yer pain!" No matter what you do for people, there will always be the troll or five that have nothing better to do with their time than bust chops. . . . IMHO: This is an excellent product. It's totally freeebie, it KICKS BUTT and TAKES NAMES, and puts every other burning app I've seen for Windows to ignominous shame, payware or otherwise. If you, (after getting home from your PAYING DAY-JOB), have the energy to even read these posts - let alone slam code! - I consider it a gift. And it does not go unappreciated. The only thing else that would put me in absolute HEAVEN would be a port to Linux. (Since this appears to be a wrapper for StarBurn, maybe we could use something similar - or a port - that would wrap one of the 'nix burning back-end programs?) Again, Kudos for a totally rocking app. Jim (JR)
  3. Enhancement Request: The ability to save the users "advanced" burn preferences as the default preferences run if nothing else is selected. Issue: If I select "Advanced" burn - and select the options I wish (e. g. "Finalize" = "on", "Verify" = "on", etc.) and burn a disk things happen as expected. If - for subsequent burns - I do NOT select the "advanced" burn options, but select "Finalize" - there is a set of default options - which does NOT include verifying the disk - that are used. Suggestion: Provide a method whereby the user's default "advanced" settings can be preserved as the defaults for future burns w/o having to go through the advanced settings every time. Option 1: (Recommended :=D ) Add a "Save options as default" button to the advanced options page. This could create a "default" options file in either the user's app data folder or the program install folder. With this, subsequent changes to the "advanced" settings (that are NOT saved) would be used for that one session only. Option 2: If the user sets advanced settings, (i. e. "C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\Application Data\Canneverbe_Limited\cdbxpp.exe_Url_[yadda...yadda...]\\user.config" exists), the presence of this file would override hard-coded default settings. Drawback: Every time the user changed the advanced settings, his "defaults" would automatically change - not necessarily a desirable behavior. Option 3: Allow for the existence of a new file, (default.config?), in either the user's data folder, (or within the CDB-XP program folder?), that - if it exists, would trigger modified default behavior. To make use of this feature, the user would have to proactively copy the user.config file to the correct location and name for the new default options. Drawback: (a) It assumes a higher level of computer literacy from the user - which may not always be true. ( If placed in the program folder, it would provide overridden defaults to anyone who uses the app on this computer. Suggested order of preference: Option 1 is most desirable, followed by Opetion 3, then by Option 2. Option 2 being the least desirable because of the "automatic" changing of the "default" behavior every time the user changes a setting. Option 1 could actually be implemented as "Option 3, with a button" - where the "default.config" file is automatically created in the user's data folder when selected. The "user.config" file - if needed - could be used to store per-session (or per-run-of-software) changes to the defaults. This could be deleted when the program exits. What say ye? Jim
  4. Issue: After copying data from a "removable" device, the cached data is not cleared from the user's temp directory. Summary: If I attempt to copy previously stored data from some USB device to a CD/DVD, CD Burner XP wants to cache the data on the local hard drive to speed the burning process. (Note: I can turn this off as an option - the ability to turn this off works.) After CDBurnerXP caches the data, and the media has been written and verified, I either clear the session so that I can create a new - different - disk, or I close CDBurnerXP. Once I clear the sesson, or close CDBurnerXP, CDBurnerXP does NOT remove any temp and/or cache files stored in the users temp directory. Why is this a problem? In some cases the reason a person moves data to CD/DVD media is to free up precious hard-drive space. In my case, I had something like 3.5 gigs of H/D space, and about 13 gigs of data to work with. Result: I grabbed your app, and began moving data to DVD-RW disks to clear hard-drive (and thumb-drive) space I needed. With about 3 gigs of space remaining on my hard drive, I copied (and cached) about 3 gigs of data from a thumb-drive to a DVD. Once the process finished, verified, and I cleared the session in anticipation of moving more data, Windows (XP) popps up a warning that my disk space is critically low. (less than 4 megs of hard drive space left) This was caused by CDB-XP failing to clear out the cached data files. Workaround: Turn off caching of "removable" media. This has the undesirable side-effect of slowing down the burn/verify process and does not allow files from more than one "removable" source (thumb-drive) to be burned to the same disk session at the same time. Steps to Reproduce: 1. install CDB-XP 2. Go to "C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\Local Settings\Temp" (%USER% = your user name. You may have to turn on "show hidden folders and files" and turn off "hide system folders and files") 3. Verify that the local temp directory is clear. Remove everything possible from that folder prior to proceeding, and note what is left. 4. Select a USB drive (thumb-drive / flash drive / etc.) containing a large amount of data. 5. Open CDB-XP and verify that "automatically cache data from removable media" is selected. 6. Write the contents of the USB drive to a burnable CD/DVD disk. 7. Once the burning (and verifying, if selected) is finished, eject the disk and clear the session. 8. Return to the temp directory above, ("C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\Local Settings\Temp"), and look for CDB-XP cache data remaining. Expected Result: All cached data from the closed session noted above has been removed. Actual Result: Cached data from the closed session is still present. 9. Repeat steps 1-8, except at the end of the burning process, CLOSE the CDB-XP application. Expected Result: All cached data is removed as noted above. Actual Result: Cached data is NOT removed. Jim
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