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  1. Here it is: insert cd Opend cdburner click on data disc then continue disc select the updated file I want to burn ot disc and click add button A window opens that says "compilation already contains file" then ask is I want to replace I click on yes then click the burn button clicked on leave disk open Thats pretty much it, also I did not notice until later that each time I try to update the disc it adds the unchanged file instead of replacing it, I have 7 copies of the same file of the cd.
  2. Burned a cd to backup files and all looks normal during the process. The problem comes in when I updated a word document and try to burn it to my disk again. Everything appears to go as it should but when I open the document on the disk the old file shows up without changes but the file properties show it updated with the new date and time. Any ideas on how to fix?
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