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  1. First you may ask -----why would I want to do that------, reduce burn speed----- that is. Well I am in the middle of a situation with Seagate. I am having a problem updating firmware on one of their drives. Their 5th and last suggestion was to burn the downloaded Boot ISO file to a CD using 4X or 8X speed instead of the 40X that is my two CD burner drives are burning at.. Now to the problem: So I select the ------------Burn ISO Image ----------------option This is a ISO file when I add it to that wizard and tell the program that I want to burn an ISO image I can not set the speed lower that the 40X that the program has selected for me . The Override speed detection button does not function??? when clicked (it only shows "maximum" as the only available option ). However AFTER it burns a CD 100% Then this same override speed shows many options that will apparently let me set a lower burn speed. SO I select that option 8X and click burn and that selection is somehow cancelled and once again the burning is accomplished at 40X. BOTTOM LINE: How can I set this ISO image to be burned at a speed lower than the current 40X burn speed that is NOT good for my purpose? Thanks, Joe Thanks in advance!
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