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  1. Hi Flo Thanks for your answer. Now I have found it in the context menu of collection of the project too. A little bit covert Tom
  2. Hi Flo For such feature I was searching for. Thanks for your answer. Is there a "To do" or help info? How to create Thanks
  3. Hi Guys I have single files in *.flac or *.wav and want to produce an audio CD - no problem, so far! But, when I put this CD to a computer, for example, the player software shows no title and no track infos. Is there a possibility with CDBurner? Do I have to create a CUE-sheet? Is there a way by a m3u-list? Thanks for help Tom, Tirol, Austria
  4. Hi Guys I use this fine programm since any weeks. The other programm I use is the last version (update) from the old Nero 6. The most CDs I burn are Audio CDs. The problem of Nero was, that some cheap CD-players in simple radios have problems with dedecting the first song of burned discs. Allways the same - every burnig speed or diffrent kinds of blank CD. Now I was using CDBurnerXP in latast version. System: XP pro SP3 At first I was very happy with the result. The burned audios are running on all players, BUT.... Their is another problem - all the Audio CDs are having a probl
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