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  1. We can only hope that Flo will change to dll library as to the drives, That is all that is necessary, since the program function great other than that..
  2. Wetap. You are correct on those statements had install img and yes it does detect the drive and so does nero, I can only assume Flo the writer of this software will get it all together one day, Seems like a driver is misssing for dection of the drive.
  3. Drive HL-DL-ST DVDRAM GT20L firmware DC03 window Window 7 64 Home Premium SP1 HP Pavilion Laptop DV7-1450us Data Disc compilation there is no compatiable drive listed (shaded out) under Recorder or in drive information of the top menu. Audio compilation Top menu bar show no compatiable drive listed under drive information, But on the same page for the burning process the drive is listed there. Burn ISO Image -- Drive is listed under target area Copy Disc---copy audio part Top menu drive is not listed but on popup menu it is listed, also in the burn section bottom memu d
  4. Flo, this is all the information that I have gathered on the computer and board hope this help out.. HP Pavilion Laptop DV7-1450us Product Number NV199UA#ABA Window 7 Home Premiun 64 bit AMD Processor Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile AAM-82 2.20 GHz CD/DVD Drive HL-DL-ST DVDRAM GT20L firmware DC03 listed as Drive 1 - Info: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT20L DC03 (E:) (SATA) System Board 30FC 01.99 by Compal as reported by cpu-z 1.56 chipset by AMD 780G rev00 southbridge by AMD SB700 Bios F.49 by Hewlett-Packard 8/09 Thanks Baitman
  5. Flo, I will get all that information on the board for you and email here..
  6. This Laptop does not have an intel processor,,,,,,IT has AMD, I have not seen anything on amd site that relates to this.
  7. I can only assume one day flo will put the code in for these hp lap top with the amd processor, Have try out other programs they have the ability to do the work, but I like CDBurnerXP the best .. Flo please help us out....
  8. Like I have said before this computer by HP has an AMD Processor, Have try other programs and they see the drive, Would prefer to have CdBurnerxp for my choice I sure Flo will get the program corrected that me and other that are having this problem corrected..
  9. Flo, I have look at the bios setting, I do not see anything that is label that..
  10. YOU are correct there, have not seen anything that may correct this, I ask tech support there answer email the author of the program,, So Flo please help us out...
  11. That may be great for the intel processors,, But I have an AMD processor in this laptop??/ Hope Flo can help on this....
  12. I believe the problem that I'am having with the drive no showing as a drive is the AMD processor, there must be something missing that the program is not picking up????? Only flo could address this problem?????
  13. I know what you mean there, My HP came with CyberLink Power2Go burning software. But I would prefer to use CD-Burner XP ... plus this program does work along with imgburn software, but I prefer to use Flo program cdBurnerXP . I have it install on the other machine and it does work great... The program is so close to working that I am only missing the copy data function that does not see the drive, I believe it is an the data section that it is not listed... Flor has a great program here just more help is needed I assume on it...
  14. cu ulf Thanks for the suggestion on the Intel stuff,, But I have an AMD processor in the HP Laptop, In fact I did download it at one time and my machine refuse it... Thanks,, Maybe Flo can provide more answer too this....
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