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  1. I made a DVD copy and took up 4GB on my Hard Drive. I cannot find to delete off my Hard Drive. I looked in folders, My Movies, My Music, Incomplete folder and the like and cannot find where I can delete this 4GB on my Hard Drive. I uninstalled CD Burner thinking it might remove this 4GB. I don't want to make any more DVD copies using this software if I cannot delete info on my HD. I have Window XP Professional. I hope someone can help as this is a serious matter. I downloaded this software as makes copies from ISO DVD home movies I have generated from Pioneer DVR. Thank you
  2. I have family DVD movies which were originally on VHS tape dating back to 1985. Since that time I had edited/re-edited and recopied these VHS tapes with hi end Panasonic VCR's over the years. I purchased Pioneer's home entertainment DVR-310 in 2005 to copy all onto DVD. I then tried to make copies using my computer and was getting an ISO error message as that was the format on the copied DVD. I let it alone and went back to making copies using the DVR-310. Today I searched the internet for ISO CD burning. CDburnerXP was listed and was FREE! I have DELL's laptop Latitude D830 which i
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