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  1. Ok, so I see that many people have posted about the slow verify speeds, however I am very confused as to why Flo has no control over this, and how widespread this issue actually is. Clearly at least some people are having problems with it, so perhaps we should figure out how many? On my system (x64 Core 2 Quad, 8GB, Vista, IDE 16x Burner) it takes about 8 minutes to burn a disk at 8x, and on average 84 minutes to verify it. Yes: 84 minutes. That's an average of 900kb/sec. Doesn't matter what I'm burning, where I'm burning from, or what I'm burning onto. I can do a manual md5sum off the disk of all files in about 6 minutes, Nero verify takes about 7 minutes. For me (and I suspect many others) verification is a mandatory feature. It is rare, but errors do happen on burnt disks, so it's only prudent to do a verify after burn. However 84 minutes to verify makes this program pretty useless. I've written a quick script on my own to do an md5sum of the data I burn and compare it to the disk but since pretty much every other burning software that I've tried does this automatically and fast I'd rather use an all-in-one solution. Flo: Why is it out of your control? If the library itself that you're using is the problem (as I infer from one of your other posts) then why not either a) work with whomever wrote it to fix it, write your own routine to do the verify manually, or c) ask for contributions from the community for a verify routine. This is a great program and I congratulate you on your accomplishment! However without a working verify it has limited usefulness.
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