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  1. If you open "Convert ISO image..." (under the File menu) and then hit "Cancel" in the file open dialog, the next dialog box still opens. I would think that the next dialog box would not open.
  2. If you copy the contents of a CD to a file on your hard drive, the log incorrectly says that the target is the optical drive. The log should say that the target is the filename on the hard disk. See the attached screenshot.
  3. I am attaching a network trace taken on another laptop on the same network showing a successful working drive report submission. In this trace, you can see that the client does not send a FIN to the server after sending the POST message. Rather, the client waits for the 200 OK to come back from the server. Another big difference is that in this trace, the server actually terminates the connection by sending a FIN to the client.
  4. I used Wireshark to take a network trace while submitting the drive report; the capture file is attached to this message. Everything appears to work correctly, up to a point. This is what I see the client doing in the network trace: [*:sb6m9bqq]DNS lookup for http://www.cdburnerxp.se [*:sb6m9bqq]Initiation of a TCP connection to port 80 [*:sb6m9bqq]HTTP POST to submit_drive.php with the drive information So far, so good, but here's what happens next: [*:sb6m9bqq]Client sends a FIN to the server [*:sb6m9bqq]Server sends back a 200 OK HTTP message (acknowledging the previous POST) [*:sb6m9bqq]Client sends a RST to the server Based solely on the network trace, it would appear that something happened that the client didn't like, causing a RST to be sent to the server and an error message to be displayed to the user. It does seem odd that the client would start to tear down the TCP connection (by sending a FIN to the server) before waiting for the 200 OK response to come back.
  5. Don't know how much help it'll be, but here's a screenshot:
  6. Still seeing this on a different computer with a different drive: Computer: Dell Latitude D430 Laptop Drive: HL-DT-ST CDRW/DVD GCC4244 Bus: USB Trying to submit a working drive report yields the error message "Error while trying to send drive report."
  7. There is really minor graphical bug when you open CDBurnerXP and the main ("choose your task") dialog appears. If you select "Copy disc", the "OK" button becomes useless, because you actually have to click the "Copy Audio" or "Copy Data" button. Not surprisingly, clicking the "OK" button does nothing. I suggest you grey out the "OK" button in this scenario.
  8. Here's a screenshot of the dialog box that appeared after I successfully completed a burning task with my Samsung SE-S084 external USB DVD writer: [*:2bip04c6]The burn speed is missing. [*:2bip04c6]"Burning process is successfully completed..." should be "Burning process successfully completed...".
  9. I have a Samsung SE-S084 external USB DVD writer and every time I try to submit a drive report I get an error. See the screenshots below. It's not a network issue because this laptop can reach the Internet without any problems and I am able to send a drive report from another laptop on the same network. [attachment=1]report-working-drive.PNG[/attachment] [attachment=0]error.PNG[/attachment]
  10. When I open CDBurnerXP to the main screen, I can see an outline (a few pixels wide) of my desktop wallpaper around the edges of the blue background. Here's a screenshot showing the problem: [attachment=0]screenshot.PNG[/attachment]
  11. I just filed a bug about the on-screen running log (during a "Copy Audio Disc" task) and I realized that it would have been helpful to post the actual log. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to get the log out of CDBurnerXP. I propose that you add another button (next to "Copy Disc" and "Cancel") that allows users to either save the log to a file or copy all the log messages to the clipboard. This request is applicable to all burning tasks, not just "Copy Audio Disc".
  12. I just copied an audio disc and I noticed that there were many, many redundant messages posted to the running log. Namely, the "Burning track " messages appeared dozens of times every second (instead of once for each track), resulting in a log with thousands of messages.
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