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  1. I've had that happen, too. Clicked the shortcut on the desktop & it looked like it reinstalled. That was maybe a week or two ago. Now, whenever I launch, it keeps asking me to select my language before bringing up the options box.
  2. I have an opposite problem: When I want an audio disc w/ gaps (TAO), it'll burn Track 1 then give me an error about not being able to continue (I've made several coasters that way!). Now, I just burn my discs gapless (DAO). I'd recreate it to get the exact error message, but don't want sacrifice any more CD-Rs.
  3. Trying to make an audio CD from a group of FLAC files. Burning gapless disc; starts imaging track 1 then gives this error box: None of the tracks could be added to the audio image. The disc cannot be burned. Also tried converting to WAV using the FLAC front-end. Same error when attempting to burn again w/ those. Both sets of files, themselves, play fine in Winamp, so they're not corrupt. Any ideas?
  4. Is it possible using CDBXP? I have a few CD-R's marked 90-minutes/800MB & a group of audio files that are ~89-minutes long, total. Yet the software states that my compilation exceeds the disc capacity by about 90MB.
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