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  1. Great, I hope you will. Maybe you should make a list with all potential bugfixes for new version? If you have one already then you can write this down too Thanks, Take care.
  2. I am not really sure if this is a bug or what but is somewhat illogical. Well, when you make new data disc, you can rename disc in lower left corner in any name you want. For example you can write like more then 10 characters and it will be fine. Also, when you write the name in lower left corner beside the "CD/DVD" icon, when you go to "Disc" - "Disc labels" menu it shows there in full glory of all characters that you did write for your data compilation. BUT if you try to go to "Disc" - "Disc labels" menu and try to write the same numbers of characters that did just fine in lower left corner - it won't let you write it. It's illogical as that many characters show up just fine if you first write them in lower left corner beside that CD/DVD icon. Thanks, hope this gets fixed soon.
  3. That was me up, forgot to login btw. thanks on your answers
  4. Yes, this would be awesome and it's so worthwhile.
  5. Hello, First of all, let me say I'm using CDBurnerXP for some time new and I'm relatively satisfied with this piece of freeware software. Good job on making it. Anyway, I wanted to point out some things I would really like to see in CDBurnerXP so I will post them here and I hope author of application will hear me out: 1. When I turn application on, I get screen where I can choose "Data disc", "Audio disc" and etc. I was wondering, why is there no main menu here like with the buttons that let you configure overall application, auto update and etc.? This way I first need to go for example: on "Data disc" and then I can get to the general options. It's very annoying. 2. Why is there no "Eject disc after finished" option? It is so needed and I don't think it's so hard to implement? For example - If we had some sort of "Main options/General options" in first screen we could have option "Eject disc after it's finished" and that would be for all compilations and projects. Another solution is that you just make it like "radio button" to choose for every new project you make "Data disc", "Audio disc" and etc. 3. OK, this is most annoying of them all - let's say I want to make simple "Data disc". I go to and choose "Data disc" and get to it's menu. Fine. But what if I want to go back and first make "Audio disc"? There is NO simple back button . If I want to go back I need to shut down whole application and start it all over again and choose "Audio disc". This is so annoying but so easy to solve in my humble opinion. These are things I just wanted to point out and I think they are easy to solve and I just can't find reason why author didn't implement it into it's great application so it can be much better. I hope you will hear out these suggestions and that you will continue your work on CDBurner XP. Thank you, keep up the good work!
  6. 1. It would be an option. If you want application to delete your ISO image (like me and some users) you tick option "on" and if you don't you don't use it. What's the problem? 2. Thanks, will do. I hope it's fixable EDIT : I did search and didn't find any specfics about RAM and CPU resources usage by CDBurnerXP. Care to point me to some specific threads? Thanks
  7. Hello, I just recently started to use CDBurnerXP and I am very pleased with this fine piece of software. I have one question and proposal for two features I would like to see in future versions of CDBurnerXP. 1. Questions : I heard about CDBurnerXP PRO. I have downloaded from official website newest version of CDBurnerXP but it dosen't say PRO besides main name of application. Can someone please tell me what is and does exist "PRO" version. Features proposal : 1. I would like to see "delete image after burining" as an option when we are burning our ISO images on recordable media (CD/DVD). It seems like simple task and feature, but it would made me and so much of other users very happy. 2. I did see that CPU usage of CDBurnerXP is rather high. Even on my Intel Core 2 Quad 2,4 with 4 GB of RAM usage was pretty high. Any way and plans to optimize application bit more? I am using Windows Vista Ultimate SP1. Thank you and keep up the good work!
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