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  1. Yesterday I had to burn a CD compilation kinda quick like. I hadn't used CDBurnerXP since...March, was it? and had plum forgot about it. Anyhoo, I found a copy of Nero7 Premium that I have, ahem, acquired. First off, Nero required some 480MB hard disk space. Well, in these times of cheap mass-storage, perhaps that would be OK, but it suggests (to me anyway) clumsy, inept, lazy coding. Secondly it wouldn't install unless I accepted a) that the Ask! toolbar was added to my browser and that the Ask! search engine replaced my current one. Hmm...me not like. In fact, met gets mad as hell at software that takes such liberties. So, I quit installation. Then I remembered this fine software. On to the CDBurnerXP homepage. The Program is installed and ready to go within less than two minutes, is a lean 10MB on disk, and does not intrude on my privacy. Plus, it works very well indeed - it's a joy to use, it's so well coded. Kudos to you guys who do it, this program's the shiznit, f' true! ...a lasting love affair
  2. Hello friends, well, my question is in the subject-line - how do I burn a CD from a Cue/APE-compilation? Can I use CDBurnerXP? This noob thanks you! Sinsemilla
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