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  1. I have the newest version of Cdburnerxp and I have problem with my new DVD-RW recorder Lite-ON iHAS124. It isn't compatible with CDburnerxp. I have an alert "Not compatible device found" or similar (I have Polish Language in the software), but I can't use Cdburnerxp with my device. Please chceck and solve this problem cause I don't like Nero Bundle edition
  2. Welcome When I try to burn "TDK DOUBLE LAYER DVD+R 8x speed" I have an error during burning. ~57% of process is without the problems, but in future is error. My disc is unusable actually. My recorder is ASUS DRW-2014S1. Usally working ok, but actually I have a problem with this disc. ~Two days ago I'm downloading the newest version of cdburner (x64 version Probably is something wrong in this version of software. Speed of burning was minimum (4x). I don't know why I have this problem disc is reather good quality. Do you have any sugesstion ? Sorry for my English, but I came from
  3. I am user of version of Cdburnerxp. My dvd-rw recorder is a Asus DRW-2014s1. I'm user of Windows Vista Home Basic x64 sp1. I have a flagrant problem with correctly burning DualLayer (8,5 Gb capacity) DVD disc. Burning process is finishing without any errors and reading the data is possibly only from 1 layer. Data is listing properly, but for example coping the data to HDD is finishing with error in data reading. I have blank disk trading by esperanza I'm testing other firm too and problem is still. I try burning in differents speed and version of Cdburner xp but problem is still not
  4. I discovered a problem in version of CdburnerXp. When I want to simulate the burning process the blank disc is physically burned. And in the next step is seen information about the disc is full and burn is inpossible. However the disc is written by the data from the project. Sorry for my English, but I came from Poland. I wish to solve the problem in the next versions.
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