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  1. bug: in the multi-session CD-R the updated folder is empty. I introduce a multi-session CD-R and I click then the previous compilation is displayed. I update manually the compilation, so: I insert a new file in a subfolder E:\fold1\fold2\. Then I click and select the options: Session at once, Cache, no finalization, Verify after burning. After burning the CD-R is verified "successfully" (!). Finally I close CDBurnerXP, I re-introduce the CD-R and I check manually the contents. The folder E:\fold1\ is empty: it contains no data, no subfolders. Why ? Configuration: CDBurnerXP v4
  2. Problem: After the finalization of a multi-session CD-R, the CD is quite empty. I introduce a multi-session CD-R (2 sessions) and choose the function . The previous compilation is correctly redisplayed. Then I click and select the option . At the end of the work I close CDBurner XP and I re-introduce the CD-R: it contains no data, no folders at all. Configuration: CDBurnerXP v4.2.4.1300 + CDB_runtime libraries, Windows XP SP3
  3. BUG: CDBurnerXP - the ulti-session CD-R is wrong I tried to make multi-session CD-R, with CDBurnerXP version installed in Windows XP SP3 with the CDBurnerXP runtime package based on .NET 2.0. The first session CD is correct: all files are present, but since the second session the contents of the CD do not correspond to the full compilation. Details: Session 1 I add the folder D:\fold_1\ and I burn the CD-R with options: Session at once enabled, and Finalize Disc disabbled. The file explorer shows the CD containing the folder E:\fold_1\ with all its contents. Session 2 I
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