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  1. It is possible to make at startup a link to burn Video DVDs? I think it is much mor comfortable than the way "new data disc"- “File” “Video DVD Layout” and i have burned many DVDs till i found this menu item
  2. I have the same problem (reported a few weeks ago). And i have this not only during disc copy if the source and destination drive is the same. I also have this if i try to make more than one copy and have to change the cdr/dvdr after the first copy. My drive: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN-S082H ATA Device OS: Vista SP2
  3. The same at disc copy. If they need the empty DVD-R they don't identifies it and don't start to write
  4. I've tried to burn a DVD-R with 2 Copies but after the first Copy the burner doesn't burn the second one because the empty DVD-R wasn't identified. I canceled and burned the second copy as a normal Copy with the same DVD-R without any problems
  5. The feature that i REALLY miss: Overburning It is possible to implement it?
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