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  1. hi i save these tunes with the titles intact and they still dont save.... lenny
  2. hi how do u mean?i have the latest version and it still saves the tracks as "track 1...track 2 etc. lenny
  3. hi recentky i made a cd with goldwave and it turned out ok..then when ni went to burn the cd with cdburnerxp to my dismay i found too big a gap between the songs.i was going 4 3 secenods between to songs i got 10 seconds between the songs.is there anyway to adjust the seconds between the songs with cdburnerxp?i looked for that option but couldent find anything. thanks. coonsanders
  4. hi if i insert a dvd with the hope of saving just the audio track how do i do this?thanks coonsanders
  5. hi i found out how to make a dvd...thanks.. lenny does cd burnrer xp have to be connected to the internet to copy dvds?
  6. hi i inserted the master dvd into the burner and when it got to starting the process i got a message saying "there is no cd/dvd in the drive even though there was..i went to sonys website to check the burner (you know the test)and it passed with flying colors is there something i should do before i should start the process? coonsanders
  7. hi whats the procedure for copying home made dvds with cdburnerxp?thanks. coonsanders
  8. hi i just downloaded the latest cdburnerxp and found there was no "action selection"as part of the download...how can i get it back?thanks. coonsanders
  9. hi im looking into the cdeburner xp on my computer but i cant find where you do this..i have a dvd in my co9mputer but i cant find where i do this.. coonsanders
  10. hi the other issue is i only want to save only a part of the soundtrack..can i do that with cdburnher xp? coonsanders
  11. hi how do you do this with cdburnerxp?thanks coonsanders
  12. hi fellas recently i tried to burn a cd...i got to the actuall window that asks "how many seconds between tracks"i hit and it did not profress.this window is where it asks you these questions right before it burns the cd.whats wrong here?im using xp on a dell demension computer.it doesnt always happen only occasionally.thanks coonsanders
  13. hi im trying to save the tracks from a cd as mp3 files but it saves them as wav files.how do i config the cdburnerxp to save them as mp3 files?thanks. coonsanders
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