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  1. Few enhancements to further polish CDBurnerXP. I haven't seen any of these stuff nor in last downloadable, so here we are: 1. ISO multiple copies. Not all of us use CDBurner for pirate work. I use it to burn my authored work. Few weeks ago I needed to burn 100 copies of same audio CD stored as ISO (w. text) I have to press "Burn" each time instead of pointing it to 100 copies and just changing discs. 2. Add DVD Video as startup icon. That would shorten process a lot of you burn on daily basis (As I do.) 3. Try following: New, Video DVD layout, right click on any file in DVD layout - it's OK. Burn it (or don't), add another DVD layout, right-click on any *.vob - it's preferences are pointing to last DVD layout you burned. Eventhough if you press burn, it burns what you selected in dialog. Other words, until you burn, and read filenames which are burnt in that moment, you cannot know what you selected for burning. Yes, Close, and then new Data disc select and then......I still consider it as a bug. 4. CD-Text support still doesn't work as expected. At least not on my Panasonic mp3/cd player factory built in Suzuki Swift 2009. nor in SONY GT-whatsoever lower class CD player (for car, ofcourse). However, Nero's CD Text works fine. I think that 1)is important, 2)we can live without, would be nice to have, 3)bug? 4)who cares, still would be nice to have. Expecting more great work from you Flo. Tomislav
  2. If you have ever burned series of same disc copy what is my daily issue, you would see how annoying this is. I'm unfortunately unable to see that whole benefit of clicking 30 times "OK, burned succesfully". On the other hand, if you're waiting for years for something to be fixed, maybe it's time for you to move away and stick with something that will please you in total. Nero, perhaps? Oh wait, I have to pay for it...... Tom
  3. Hello to all guys, developers and users, recently I've moved from Nero to CDBurnerXP and I'm delighted with it, but something is annoying me very much: when burning multiple copies of the same disc I have to click every single time that annoying OK button which jumps out after successful burn. Suggestions: Ok disappears automatically after next disc is inserted, without need to click it, and it jumps out only when last disc is done. Another thing confuses me, I'm burning with Pioneer's PATA and SATA series DVR-116 and DVR-216 burners. Two of them are internally mounted, and one (PATA) is located in USB case. This USB writer takes whole eternity to burn DVD at any speed (4.3GB takes 13 minutes at 12x speed), which isn't case with internal drives. Nero wasn't making any difference between them. I'm using only Verbatim discs. For now, everything else seems to be OK, remove that annoying OK and I would love to donate. Thanks, Tom
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