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  1. Greetings, I just downloaded & installed the version. Unfortunately, the "Audio Disc" & "Burn ISO" selections in the opening menu panel still hang (no response) for as long as MagicJack (HD USB & CD-ROM USB) is physically connected. Once Vista beeps that it has detected the physical disconnection of MJ, CDBXP then snaps into action correctly, and the appropriate BURN ISO or AUDIO DISC panel appears. Hope this info is helpful. Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi all, I opened the earlier topic, 'Versions newer than hang "not responding"' (Oct. 21, 2009)--discussion has been directed here. Some personal experience today RE: Flo's comment this morning on the present forum topic: The reason why CDBXP hangs (on my machine, at least) is the MagicJack Internet phone device & software. When MJ is running, my Dell Vostro 220 w/ Vista Home Basic SP1 sees its "Properties" as two different devices: a HardDisk USB device AND a CD-ROM USB device. With the latest version installed, disconnecting the MagicJack allows a hung CDB
  3. Greetings! Every version of CDBurnerXP after (3 of them, including the latest public beta) I've installed hangs on the "Action Selection" panel ( I get a "Program is Not Responding" message). ONLY the "Action Selection" panel is displayed, not the "Main" GUI panel (with "New", Options, Update, Help, About, etc.) shown along with the Action Panel by 5.1541 and earlier. When I select an action, the program then stops responding. Once, when trying to get it to respond, I think there was a message about searching for SCSI (and other type) drives. Process Explorer from MS's sysi
  4. Hello, I'm burning a .CUE file created for 21 individual .WAV files (< 53 min.). It burns correctly (at 48X) with the "Create Gapless Disc" selection. However, it fails after burning Track 15 when either of these options are selected: "Add a Pause Between Each Track" "Let Me Choose Advanced Settings" The message is: "Burn Error Occurred....Most Likely the Disc Is Not Useable....Disc Not Compatible or Of Poor Quality". More detailed: "(devInvalidFieldInCDB) Could not write to Disc (LBA: 163567 Length: 0). Invalid Field In CDB. - 0x152400" I
  5. The ability to create .CUE files--especially from individual audio files (.WAV, .MP3, etc.)--OR from a .BIN file. This (individual audio files) feature is hard to find in audio software. Thanks for a great program! (Besides the overall "Look and Feel", I especially like the "disk space used" graph at the bottom showing the space taken by each track.)
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