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  1. ... Hm... Now (after serie of experiments) i must made some changes in my message. This problem appear ONLY with Mode2XA. With Mode1 burning works right in both DAO & SAO... sorry
  2. Writing CDs in DAO (Disk-at-once) mode fails with CDBurner XP On Windows XP SP2 RUS and Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A (firmware 1-01) After starting burning process program waits for more that 3 minutes and, finally, display some error message or report about SUCCESSFUL writing! , but in both cases disk remains intact!!! In SAO (Session-at-once) mode all OK with same set of files (i try to use several sets: from network or local HDD, big size or small, with non-ASCII characters and without - result always the same). Hm... Now (after serie of experiments) i must made some chan
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