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  1. Dont know what to say... I remember that Flo said they are using some 3rd party software which is buggy, but still this is just plain silly... Using latest version and win7. I just have installed it, went for a test burn, forgot to put 8x so it started to burn at 18x, so i cancelled it. Then i have inserted new dvd and started burning again at 8x.
  2. I did read that, but i just saw this: So i thought that it's out of date...
  3. So this should be fixed in near future? I mean this problem with converting .nrg to .iso? N1
  4. Hi! I would love to help this project by translating it to my native language - Serbian... I have read through the site and forum but i am not 100% sure what do i need to download and translate, mostly because that topic about translating is so out of date... So any info is more then welcome...
  5. It seems that it works now... I just have one more question though, i am trying to convert some .nrg files to .iso, and when i selecet input file, and output file, i click "Convert to ISO" and i get this error: Is that suposted to be like that or what?
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