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  1. Hello all CDBXP users and Developers, Greetings. I am a newbee to CDBXP forum. Need assistance on how to copy a disc. I have home video DVD . I want to make copy of this in a new DVD. I have used following option 1.In ACTION SELECTION> Select Copy Disc >Copy Data >Source - I choose my DVD drive >Target I choose Harddrive (I have only one drive) >Choose a Path to create a ISO image > Once that completed , I came to first screen - Action Selection >BURN ISO IMAGE >Select same ISO image >Burn method - Disc at Once > Finalize disc and Use buffer protection selected. > Then clicked BURN DISC DISC was BURNT , but it some contents are lost . Infact 2 sub videos are lost VERSION- WINDOWS XP Question: Does CDBXP offers disc to disc copy ? If yes, why it does not have menu option like NERO software? As mine some contents are lost , is there some other better method to ensure accuracy? If no, does it available in newer release? If no , is it planned for newer release? Overall having an option like nero would be better. Any reponse will be highly appreciated. Apologies if this qs repeated very recently. I did not find in forum (may be i am poor in search ) Thanks, Deb
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