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  1. Tested with Vista (64bit) and Dexpot 1.5.1 Build 1109 and CDBurnerXP 4.3.2. 2140. I started erasing a RW-disc and when i switch the desktop i get a message dialog 'Möchten sie den aktuellen Löschvorgang wirklich anhalten'. Whatever i choose (yes or no) the erasing will be stopped.
  2. I have the same problem under Winxp Sp3(32bit). Everytime i switch the desktop CDBurnerXP disappears. Nothing is logged in the eventlog. I thing this bug was introduced with #1706.
  3. Now i installed CDBurnerCP on another machine (Vista 64bit). There it's exacltly the same. 100% reproducable. When i press Ctrl+V to insert a text (beginning from the second try) the text is inserted two times.
  4. Version 4.2.4 1430 on WinXP 32bit, I'm burning a Datadisc. I have some files added to the disc. Before burning i want to rename them. I copy a text from windows with Ctrl+C. I select the file i want t rename in the disc view and press F2 (=rename) and i change the name with Ctrl+V. For the first time it works. But when i start doing the same procedure for a second file in the view the copied text is doubled in the disc view when i press Ctrl+V. From now on this happens to every file i want to rename.
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