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  1. Hi -- Just tripped over a problem in the latest version ( where short files, either .wav or .mp3, cause a WIN32 ERR CStarBurn_StarWaveFile::RealRead() error. This appears to have been first reported in january 2011. Annoyingly it took me 8 coasters to figure out what was going wrong. https://forum.cdburnerxp.se/topic/8050-burn-failed-with-short-file I've attached the Errors and StarBurn logs, hope that can help someone fix it. Thanks, Ian aErrors.log aStarBurn.log
  2. Just got a bluray burner, details below. I notice it burns 4x memorex cd-r disks at only 2x, whereas the supplied LG burner tool reports that it is burning at 8x. (yes, twice the rated speed). Not sure I believe what the LG tool is reporting but is it certainly faster than CDBXP. Any reason CDXBP can't burn the disks at 4x? i Vendor: HL-DT-ST Model: BD-RE WH12LS30 Firmware version: 1.00 Max write speed: 8467 KB/s Max read speed: 7056 KB/s Buffer size: 4 MB Supported read features Reads CD-R: Yes Reads CD-RW: Yes Reads DVD ROM: Yes Reads DVD-R: Yes Reads DVD-RW:
  3. Hi. I recorded a data disk, then came back a few days later, added some more data and finalised it. Final disk has all the files from the second session but only the top level folders from the first. Did I do something wrong? i
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