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  1. I have now successfully written 15 gapless audio CDs, each containing different wav files. So this is a success! Thank you.
  2. I extracted the contents of Debug.zip and copied them to the C:\Program Files (x86)\CDBurnerXP directory, overwriting any existing files. I used the same wav files. This time there was no error message, and the CD was written correctly! I have not had time to test thoroughly, but it is looking very hopeful. thank you.
  3. Thank you for working towards a solution. Unfortunately the new beta 4.2.6 fails for me. Here is a screen capture of the error I receive when I try to add my wav files to the compilation: http://www.pdchem.demon.co.uk/cap/ErrorScreen.jpg The previous version 4.2.1430 would think about it for a few seconds, but it accepted all my wave files. I used the same wav files in both cases. I have MS Vista Home 64-bit, and a LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter model GH22LP20.
  4. I also tried using the setting "Add a pause between each track". Then on playback there is a crack at the end of every track. I assumed this was caused by the laser being switched off and on during the burning process, but I don't really know. I wonder whether it is part of the same problem.
  5. My first post.... I have a similar problem when I try to burn a gapless audio CD. On playback there is a crack sound at the end of the last track, the music jumps back to an earlier place on the disc, and the process repeats forever. CDBurnerXP 4.2.1430, MS Vista Home 64-bit, LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter model GH22LP20 Is this something I should be doing, or is it something you will do when you make a new version of CDBurnerXP? Please excuse the naive question.
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