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  1. Hi Flo, Not sure I follow. If I use the default settings in any other CD burning application, and those CDs work in my DVD player, then surely the default options of CDBurnerXP should also work without any hitches? Thanks, Viper
  2. Hi, For some odd reason, none of my external DVD players at home are able to read any data DVDs or CDs ?(e.g., with AVIs or JPGs) that I burn using CDBurnerXP (currently using v4.2.6.1801, but the problem existed with earlier versions) — I get a "disk error" message from the DVD player. With other CD burning apps, I don't have an issue (the DVD players read my CDs without any problem), so this rules out any problem with my DVD burner drive (Optiarc AD-7200S) or my computer. When I burn audio CDs from CDBurnerXP there is no problem. Meaning, my DVD players read the CDs that I burn. So
  3. I am not so sure about the right-click option; it is still two clicks and "hidden" from view (you don't see it unless you right-click the interface). I am still kind of looking for a single-click "in-your-face" option, like a button or icon near the dropzone area. I am not sure if the addition of an often-to-be-used feature would be cluttering the interface. It's your call. -Viper
  4. Hi Flo, The CD-Text feature works like a charm!!!! The recent update ( also fixes two issues I wanted to report, but you/someone beat me to it. I have one request though. For me, adding CD artist and title is a mandatory step for CD-TEXT (since my car stereo does not display track text if the CD is missing an artist and title). Currently, the dialog box is accessed in CDBurnerXP from the Disc => CD-Text menu. The mouse travel to the top of the screen and then two clicks makes it a bit obscure and cumbersome to access. I was wondering if you could simply put a "CD-Text" but
  5. 1. Not yet possible, but will be with the next beta. Viper: Thanks. 2. Works fine for me. Make sure that your MP3 files are properly tagged. Viper: Did some investigating and found the following: (1) For files tagged with a single number as track no. it works (2) For files tagged with a track no. in the format of "#/(total)" (e.g., 4/12) it doesn't work (shows "0" as value) 3. Viper: Would be nice to have. 4. Why would you? It doesn't affect the resulting audio discs. Viper: As I said I do that very occasionally. Sometimes a tag needs fixing or I want to change what text is written to the
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