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  1. no it does it with any mp3 song i have tried it just do it in the 1st track and the rest wont go. it also doesnt matter how many tracks i have added for example if i add 4 tracks it will jump in the beggining-middle of the 1st one and will write.. "3 track(s) could not be added to the audio image"
  2. i have the same problem win7 x64 with lg dvdrw cdburnerxp it goes like this after adding a few tracks to the list on the buttom i press the burn button it starts... "adding tracks to audio image" then in the beggining-middle proccesing of the 1st mp3 song... it jumps to its end and then you get a msg like this: "XX track(s) could not be added to the audio image" there is no error number...
  3. NO and remember my choice / never ask me again option could be nice
  4. sweet !! tnx didnt notice the close button, was searching more on how to make the new button working...
  5. ohh how did i miss the lightscribe option... tnx !! but actually the most important thing of them all was #1. tnx for the reply
  6. 1. after turning "remeber last project type" at options, (i decided 90% of the cds i make are data, and therfore the open page was starting to be annoying) you cant change or create a new "diffrent" type project, unless you go back to options, and unflag the "remember ...." then restart the program... a new context menu under file new project -> data cd -> audio cd .. and so on could be nice feature 2. i know i set my burner to burn at XX speed, it could be nice to watch current speed while burning (like roxio) 3. could be nice to see buffer status
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