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  1. Something most interesting happened yesterday when I installed the most recent upgrade to v4.51. I am sure you know exactly what that might be. First, let me say that I love CD Burner XP - so much so that I would pay money for it, if it was shareware. This is the reason why this is so puzzling. So, after installation, my IE toolbars were completely disarrayed and my home page was gone. Two hours later, I know what happened. During the install process, there is an option called Express Installation. Yep, that did it. I went by that too fast, not expecting to be tricked. There is so
  2. I have not. I take from your question that I should. I will. After using computers for nearly 27 years, I have learned to be very, very afraid of betas...
  3. I've had this problem for a long time (i.e. over many versions). Sometimes, when I insert a CDR with an open session, the burner recognises the open session and asks me if I want to add data (good!) but most of the times it does not. So, 1. The open session of an open session CDR is not recognised. 2. Sometimes ejecting the CD several times and re-inserting it helps, but sometimes not. 3. Yes, I have the most recent version. 4. When the open session is not recognised, the CD "looks" blank. I have found no icon or way to make the burner refresh or re-read the CD. There is no
  4. First problem: If the program is running, it does not recognise an open session CD and does not give me the option to continue the session. How do I tell it that I want to continue the session of the CD I just inserted??? Currently, I exit the program ever time and re-start it. The welcome screen asks me what to do. I select Data CD and the open session CD is correctly detected. I don't want to have to exit the program every time. Thoughts? Second problem: I belive the fix for the above is to tell the program to start a new project. Exiting the program and re-starting it does that,
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