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  1. Try IMGBURN to rule out the software as an issue. If the DVD is unreadable then that would prevent a copy also.
  2. I have another multisession issue which I'm not sure is a bug. I often add files to multisession DVDs (ISO/Joiliet) and I'm sure I used to be able to rename files from previous sessions when adding files / creating a new session. However, I can no longer rename them, it just allows me to rename then reverts to the previous filename as I close the edit field.
  3. Has caught me out a couple of times that I've updated CDBXP and had the Data disc option set back to UDF when I've been creating an mp3 CD. Yes, I know it says the filesystem at the bottom of the window, but it would be cool if this was remembered when you update, perhaps a setting in the options that is retained when you update. Manually changing back to ISO9660/Joliet is a pain after I have already created effectively another coaster. Just saying, and thanks for the great software!
  4. This is still a problem in Imported session not created in CDBurnerXP.....except it was created with
  5. If devs are reading, please make it optional (not default) install, certainly not lousy tray app that installs with Nero (last time I used it, that is). It's just bloat that's not required, unless you specifically want it. Then, if optional during install, you may add it. Thanks and CDBurnerXP rocks with the new burning engine and drive support.
  6. When I did this just check the created CD is ISO and not UDF, it's a mastering setting on Data CDs. Disc|Change File System - not sure if the newer versions default to UDF as I don't remember changing it at any point previously.
  7. You are correct. It seems the bass_aac.dll is 32-bit only. I get a different error message when trying to register the dll with regsvr32 all the working dlls load but fail entry-point DLL server, the bass_aac.dll queries the windows version. I downloaded a little utility called inspect.exe and that seems to say the dll is 32-bit. If you download http://www.un4seen.com/stuff/bass_aac-x64.zip and overwrite the dll and the lib file in the c sub-directory, it looks all good This is on the 64-bit install BTW.
  8. All fixed with the help of http://www.cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/21 - I recommend the bass24.zip installation if users are having this issue. Strange that the 64-bit installer is a bit hidden and no mention of it on Filehippo. I'm going to try it.
  9. Hi - just as an aside to this, I'm experiencing problems with 'invalid format' for .mp3 files on I think you will find that the default download/install is 32-bit, just removed all older crud and re-installed, it's definately installed to C:\Program Files (x86) and nothing else. Older versions must have left behind or created the C:\Program Files entries. Will post back when I have my own issue resolved, as this was definately working in older versions.
  10. Try running DiscINFO http://discinfo.rpc1.org/ You will then be able to determine if the writer will support DAO - if it doesn't then no amount of software will make it happen, just buy a new burner - they're just over £10!
  11. Make sure you are finalising disc when writing. If you select 'Let me select Advanced options' when burning, you can make sure the disc is finalised. Also, make sure the write speed you are selecting is compatible with the media, I find best results are obtained across most DVD media when writing at 4x, some media will write at 6x.
  12. You running x86 or x64? There are no explicit instructions on where to place the file as both Program Files and Program Files (x86) exist in x64 - try in latter i.e. folder c:\Program Files (x86)\CDBurnerXP as process is cdbxpp.exe *32 and where all other .dll files are located. I have extracted the whole of the .zip archive to the suggested location as above and .mp4 files are imported properly.
  13. I have the same problem. I use Daemon Tools, which also creates an emulated ROM and I cannot copy to ISO nor disc to disc. This does work on an XP SP3 machine. Windows 7 HP SP2
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