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  1. With the latest version - cdbxp the problem is gone. I can write any DVD-DL without problem.
  2. I think is the same problem from the topic adress viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9596 This is a new ad unpleassant bug that apeared only in the latest version...
  3. I have the same problem with verbatim too. I am 99% shure this is not related to media quality or compatibility because, with older version of cdburnerXP i not destroyed any DL media untill now...
  4. But only with the latest version it happen to me this... I use CDBurnerXP to write DL discs for two years ago and now it is the first time when was happened to me . I don't know what to say... For the moment only previous version works fine with DL media.
  5. I cannot write any double layer media with the latest version of CDBurnerXP - X64 -Media used and destroyed - Memorex and Verbatim DL - 8,5GB , 8X max. writting speed. (5 pieces destroyed) -optical drive - LG GH22NS40 Solution for this problem - i reverted back to version , and everything works fine. I wrote 7 discs with this version and no problem.
  6. Weird because i never had this problem, and i use cdburnerxp almost 2-3 times on week with the same optical drive...
  7. There is an firmware update for this optical drive that resolves compatibility with windows7. Firmware name si GH22NS40_NL02. For me this drive works perfectly in windows 7 with no slow burning start in no circumstances.
  8. And with other burning software it's works well on the same media. Shurely it is not a power supply problem.
  9. LG GH22NS40 (S-ATA Drive), Windows 7- 64bit, nVidia nForce 650 cipset. When i try to write any data on DVD-R (only data - video or audio or other files), CDburner stays in "preparing to write data" and no burning process starting, neither green cursor for writing progress. Even if i let the drive one hour, the burning proces did not start or did not finish and the optical drive is locked till i shut down the computer. After that , the media is damaged and usless on other writing session. If i write iso images (on TAO mode) on the same media - DVD-R, everything is work fine, the writing pro
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