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  1. I had the same problem with DVD-R DL. I could only chose 48x?! That speed isn't even supported with my drive! Burning lasted for half of hour, I think that is time for 8x... Of course, disc couldn't be read after burning... I have Win 7 and last stable version of CDBurnerXP.
  2. Hi, when will this version be finished? This topic was started in september and nothing happened yet, what is going on? You are returning to NMS now or what...?
  3. I had the same problem. I was writing 2 different ISO files with 3x speed on Windows 7! It took 30 minutes. Flo or someone who is working on this program could at least say something. I have Comodo Internet Security, I'll turn it off next time. If this problem is because of Anti-Viruses than you wrote this program wrong way, you should now how Anti-Viruses are working. P.S. I saw in some programs that DVDs can only be wrote with Disk-At-Once method and not with Session-At-Once (that is for CDs). Maybe that is problem...?
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