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  1. Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I thought that it would so I reinstalled it and then I reinstalled it after deleting all the files related to cd burner off of my computer. I also tried removing all the files from my computer, restarting and then using a portable version of cd burner xp. (on a usb stick of course) That did not work either. It just kinda locks up whenever I try to do anything and after "hanging" for about three or four minutes, it acts as if I had never pressed the button. Maybe I'm just unlucky?
  2. Hi, I love cd burner xp but: I haven't been able to use it lately. When I open it there is an error message stating that the starburn engine failed to initialize and some features will not work. Then the menu comes up trying to ask me what I want to do. When I click anything the program just crashes and there is no error code or anything. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that hasn't worked. I have looked on google and haven't found anything that looks like a solution to this. Please help me because this is the best cd burning software around (imgburn sukz!).
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