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  1. I've activated the creation of the log-files, but there are none created. I'm using Win2003 Server 32bit, CDBurnerXP v4.3.8.2474
  2. (I'm sorry for my poor English ) Hello. I've got a problem. I backup my system data in the first day of every month.(creating DVD ISO image files) The command-line is: cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-data -folder[\TEMP\20101201]:\TEMP\20101201 -folder[\TEMP\20101202]:\TEMP\20101202 -folder[\TEMP\20101203]:\TEMP\20101203 -folder[\TEMP\20101206]:\TEMP\20101206 -folder[\TEMP\20101207]:\TEMP\20101207 -folder[\TEMP\20101208]:\TEMP\20101208 -folder[\TEMP\20101209]:\TEMP\20101209 -name:M201012-1 -iso:G:\M201012-1.iso The error message is "Creating ISO image at G:\M201012-1.iso, 95358 Files, S
  3. My problem is --> Create iso images by command line --> successful ,but... source files --> over 2000 files (only text file) create iso files --> about one half of source (every fold) Version --> 4.2.7 build 1801 Someone can help me? ?
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