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  1. I too am confused about what file system and iso level to use (under Disk / File System). I just created a backup onto a DVD-R Double Layer (on Windows 7), and it came out unreadable. Now I'm looking through the settings and dreading the techno-babble I have to wade through. Any insight appreciated.
  2. I can't find the Backup feature in v4.3. Where is it? Does it auto-span large backups across multiple DVDs? Can it be set to not compress the files so they can be accessed directly from the DVD? Thanks for a great CD/DVD burning program! Regards, Peter
  3. Need ability to burn DVD videos meant for 4.7 GB onto 8.5 GB DVDs. When I burn a video DVD (VIDEO_TS folder) that was meant for a 4.7 GB DVD onto a Double-layer (DL) DVD, CDBurnerXP burns the disk without any error message. But after CDBurnerXP finishes, the new DVD is useless (video doesn't play). If I burn the same files onto a 4.7 GB DVD, the video plays OK. This works fine and automatically with Nero. Please make this work in CDBurnerXP too. Thank you!
  4. I have a spindle with double-layer (8.5 GB) DVDs. Whenever I try to burn a single-layer (4.5 GB) iso image onto a double-layer DVD, CDBurnerXP will burn "something" but then the disk is unreadable. It shouldn't be too hard to make CDBurnerXP correctly burn a single-layer (4.5 GB) iso image onto a double-layer DVD. I know, because another program I have used (I think Nero) is able to do this. Please add this vital functionality ASAP. Thank you.
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