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  1. maik5

    [C] DVD-RAM Erase error

    Version - 2010-02-03 06:01:24 !Fixed erasing DVD-RAMs Check both modes (fast and safe) - no error. Thank you very much, that fix the bug. And it has already started to look for an alternative to CDBurnerXP.
  2. maik5

    [C] DVD-RAM Erase error

    Version cdbxp_setup_4.2.7.1849 error remains. Here are the logs, maybe they can help you (http://rghost.ru/816450)
  3. maik5

    [C] DVD-RAM Erase error

    Version CDBurner XP Pro an error when erasing DVD-RAM (Screenshot), and CDBurner XP Pro washes without problems. Tested on Windows XP SP3 and Windows7. Latest firmware for this model. DVD-RAM 3x Speed - Panasonic and Werbatim.

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