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  1. Alright, I found one BD-RE in my drawer and used this one. I didn't change the file format but I changed the finalizing of the disc, I chose "Track at once", and voila, it works! :smile: I tried again, erased the BD-RE and burnt the same ISO file but now choosing "Automatic" as finalizing option and again, the BD was not played back by the standalone BD player. So I guess, it must have something to do with the way the disc is finalized. Anyway, I will now make sure that I choose "Track at once" as this is apparently solving my problem. Thank you very much again, floele for your hints and suppo
  2. Hi again! Thank you for that hint! That might do it. I will try it right away. Still waiting for my re-ordered BluRay Discs from amazon. I'll switch the file format and we'll see. BTW, isn't BD usually UDF? All the other images, I burnt with 4.4.1 were in the UDF file format. So, first I'll try UDF 2.5 and let you know ASAP. Thank you! Cheers, Rory
  3. Hi floele, that's a good question! Honestly, I didn't try that before, but I just did, and actually I can read it with my computer. Only my BD player doesn't want to read it. It says "Unknown disk", it's the Cambridge Audio Azur BD-650 BD player. Never had any problems with that constellation with CDBurnerXP 4.4.1. Thanks a lot for your help! Cheers, Rory
  4. Dear developers of CDBurnerXP, let me first of all thank you for such a beautiful, powerful and mainly slim burning solution that you created!!! Man, I have really been tortured by applications such as Nero - all I was looking for was just a burning tool, nothing more and nothing less! Now, as I also had that AHCI problem with the old burn engine with drives being not recognized, I switched to 4.5 beta which run OK so far except yesterday, where it killed two BD-R 25 GB of mine (Ouch! ) The burning process is running flawlessly, no problems and no messages either. It completes wit
  5. Hi folks! My drive isn't supported by CDBurnerXP unfortunately, either. It's a SATA drive named Samsung SN-T083A. I'd love to test and use your beautiful and sleek software as Ahead's Nero meanwhile has turned into an unusable bunch of bloated applications , so I hope that my drive will be supported one day! Cheers and thank you, Rory!
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