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  1. Thank you Flo. What is the best way to send you a test file? Will be a smaller mp3 file for you to examine... cheers, -lestatar
  2. Flo, never mind. I juts did some refresher research and found that my assumption was wrong. Audio CD Artist/Track Name info is indeed stored as CD Text as you indicated, not as some type of metadata like mp3 id3 tags. My mistake... But yes, full CD-Text support in cdBurnerXP would be wonderful. Thanks again, -lestatar
  3. Flo, I see. Again, thanks. I need to review my own understanding of the process before asking you or anyone to do anything! I was under the impression that when making audioCD from properly tagged mp3 source files: - id3 tags from the mp2 would convert/be transferred to the resulting wav files which make up an audio CD; - audio cd wav files can support the similar type of meta-tagging data as mp3 files. If I am completely wrong in my understanding, please let me know! It seems as if you are saying that audio CDs [wavs] only support CD-Text and not id3 type tags like mp3. Thank you again, -lestatar
  4. Flo, I understand. Thanks so much for clarifying. cdBurnerXP is not perfect, but it is an amazingly great [sMALL!] piece of burning software, terrific at any price, but generally superb for FREE! The ability to fully support id3 tags would be extremely welcome I believe by all cdBurnerXP users...Wishlist this please! I still think you need help from your colleagues here on he forum! cheers, -lestatar
  5. Flo, all: Did a little research here on this, but didn't find any definitive answers as of this writing/latest version... An audio cd I burned using Nero 7 resulted in some stuttering/choppy tracks. So I installed latest version of cdBurnerXP to try the burn again. The cdBurnerXP audio CD plays perfectly with no stutter. Great! PROBLEM: - No id3 tags transferred over to the final audio CD. All audio cd tracks are labeled "track 01", "track 02", etc... - There are 0 problems with my source mp3 id3 tags - I take great pains to make sure ALL MY MP3 are fully tagged the way I like them, using both standard id3 v1 & v2 tags. I also embed the album artwork in all my tags. I understand that cdBurnerXP cannot include CD-Text for the audio CD when using 2 second gap between tracks. This is fine with me. What I need to know please: - Does cdBurnerXP fully support id3 tags from mp3 when creating audio CDs? If it does not, that is fine...I just need to know definitively please! If it does fully support id3 tags for audio CD burning, please let me know how to correctly set the options for the burn so all id3 tags get carried over. btw: cdBurnerXP correctly "sees" all the id3 tags in the compilation window... Thanks! cheers, -lestatar
  6. Flo: Thanks a million! Will look for the next release of CDBurnerXP. I know you are extremely busy, but can you give a quick rundown on StarBurner? I have never heard of it. - Is it your [CDBurnerXP] parent company? What is the relationship? - I see that StarBurner also has a free version - should I use this instead of CDBurnerXP? - Is there a StarBurner FAQ? cheers, -lestatar
  7. Man-o-man...thank goodness! I thought it was just me... hopefully flo and company can figure this out...takes a little while for responses from them though. I suspect poor flo is overworked and there's not enough "official" help on the forum... Otherwise, GREAT APP, free or otherwise...But I am kinda using ImgBurn as a substitute in the meantime... cheers and I am waiting patiently.... -lestatar
  8. Flo, thanks for the reply... I understand what you are saying and apologies if I was wrong. Am using v and under File>Options, I only have 3 tabs: general settings data options audio options The option to override speed detection is NOT PRESENT in any of these tabs. Is this option only available on the newest/latest version of cdBurnerXP? thanks again, -lestatar
  9. Flo, please look closely at my second screen cap. I AM IN the settings dialog...Where is the option to "override speed detection" as shown here:...I only have number of copies option... http://cdburnerxp.se/help/References/burnoptions -lestatar
  10. Bump... 82 views and no replies... Seriously, I am getting a complex... Please folks...even if it is to say "You're an idiot"...
  11. hi...46 views, 4 days and not a single reply? Come on people, please! is it my breath?
  12. Sorry, I accidentally bumped this post...couldn't delete it so apologies... still, hoping for some responses though!
  13. Hmmm, i seem to have the reverse issue! My DVDs burn and read fine but I can't burn CDR. Nothing works. Nero, cdBurnerXP, Free Easy Burner, Alcohol...nada. Using only Fuji or TY CDR media... WEIRD! Hope you find a solution and post it. I would be very interested as it may provide useful clues for my own issue. Good luck and sorry I was no help, but I sincerely commiserate with you. cheers, -lestatar
  14. All: Happy New Year! - XP Pro SP2, all patches current; - Xeon P4, 3.2ghz, 4GB RAM Recent user of the generally excellent cdBurnerXP. However, I have encountered something very odd. I originally installed and was using with success cdbxp_setup_4.2.7.1794. Worked perfectly. My burner is on the "working" list [GWA4164B] and is 16x capable. Always use top quality media, verified via DiscIdentifier [Verbatims, Maxell or TaiyoYuden] capable of 16x burning. I updated to cdbxp_setup_4.2.7.1801. Now suddenly in the final screen prior to burning, the only speed available is 4x with no other choices in the dropdown: v4.2.7.1794_screengrab.jpg[/attachment] Please see the attached screen grabs. Also, I had to be quick and immediately disable auto updates in cdBurnerXP options the first time I launch the reinstalled old version - I waited too long once and suddenly the reinstalled old version was updated to Very very weird problem! Hoping this can be resolved or some clarification available if this is a problem specific to my PC for some really strange reason. cheers, -lestatar
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