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  1. OK, so what you plan to do is make UDF the standard filesystem for command-line iso creation rather than using ISO. If that is the case, that is certainly fine with me as the UDF structure appears to be more flexible and robust. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks Flo. Just so that I am clear, you are recommending that when I setup the CD structure in the GUI, I should select that I want it to be UDF-based and not use ISO9660. Is that correct?
  3. Hi Flo, I've done a bunch more testing and have been able to much more specifically define the problem. Here is the situation: In my situation, I have two files in a directory that have exactly the same name, just with a different extensions. The names are quite long to be descriptive. I did a lot of testing and was able to definitely determine that if the name portion of the filename is longer than 29 characters, one or other of the files does not get included in the ISO. So, for example, you can create an extremely simple DXF file with just 2 small text files right in the root. If y
  4. Hi Flo, I've just downloaded the new version and we are really close. While I hate to come back with one more item, I have found one final issue with the latest version. On my CD, I have two video files that the command line ISO creator just won't include. Their names/path are: /Video Tutorials/Step 2 - Database Design Tutorial.wmv (25.9MB) /Video Tutorials/Step 4 - Advanced Operations Tutorial.wmv (37.6MB) Several important points: - The command line program doesn't return any errors. - The structure of files/folders in the ISO are now exactly correct thanks to previous fixes
  5. Hello Flo, I've just installed the newly release version and tried out the command line ISO creation. It is really close, but still isn't quite right. Here are the details: For review the issue was one of using the command line EXE to write ISO files with the file layouts coming from the DXP file. I have a DXP layout image with files in the root of the CD and also in folders within the CD. When I create the ISO, all of the folders and files within those folders come out exactly right. However, any files that are designated for the root of the CD simply do not get written to th
  6. I am using version of CDBurnerXP on 2 differnct machines: 1. Windows 2000 Professional SP4, .Net 2.0 and DirectX9. 2. Windows XP SP3, .net 3.5, DirectX9. In the GUI of CDBurnerXP, I have created a number of DXP layouts for my product CD's. If I create an an ISO image of those layouts in the GUI, the resulting ISO images come out exactly correctly with the right folder and file structure and total size. However, I am creating about 10 disc variants each time I do a product release, so I want to use the very nice command line feature to create the ISO's via a batch script.
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