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  1. I have Windows XP system and am computer illiterate - almost - so please be gentle! Recently I had a new DVD drive installed because I was having trouble burning CD discs. The drive concerned is HL-DT DVT-RAM GSA-H55N and I use it mainly to copy podcasts from my hard drive to disc using CDBurner XP. Suddenly I found discs wouldn't burn because CD Burner XP wouldn't recognise there was a disc inserted. Somebody suggested going into Recording tag on Device Manager and making sure there was a check/tick on 'Enable Recording'. It was inticked so I ticked it. And it worked properly again. But the next morning with nothing changed it again stopped working. If I insert any mp3 disc I have recorded into the drive and go into Explore and click on the Drive and play - nothing happens. But if I put a normal commercial CD or a DVD into the drive they WILL play ok. Somebody suggested the drive is probably faulty but I doubt this - the drive was brand new a short time ago and worked perfectly until it stopped. The main snag for me is that when I try to burn an mp3 podcast onto a blank disc theCD BurnerXP software says No Disc. Is there any known fault which would mean a drive will recognise and play a wav CD and DVD but NOT recognise and play or burn an mp3? Incidently there's no fault with the mp3 disc I try to play on it because it plays perfectly on my other drive which is a DVD-Rom I can't record with unfortunately. Forgot to say that when I click on the drive it says 'Device Working Properly.' If I hit the Troubleshooting button it gives options but none which apply to my problem. Does anyone please have any idea what's happening here? Thanks a lot
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