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  1. I cant uplead any more screen shots. The files are 15.6 k but I get a message that they are too big. I have another for ISO9660 and UDF.
  2. Consider the following with an Ashampoo burned and imported disk examined with ISObuster I think UDF is used as well.
  3. Remeber it happens with starburn app too. There is a free version of ashampoo: https://www.ashampoo.com/en/usd/pin/0710/Offline/Ashampoo-Burning-Studio-6
  4. OK. That particular disk I had to redo after trying to add another session with Ashampoo. I extracted the last session files with ISObuster. As for the FS, each session has three, UDF, Joliet and ISO9660 on every disl created with Ashampoo/ As for the Starburn App, its whatever the default is, I did not adjust the FS. Have you somewhere to dump an ISO so you can look at it yourself? The only thing I note now is that the Staburn App uses SPTD. This problem existed with old versions of CDBXP, I assumed that it was yet another problem caused by NMS, so could the problem be in some other part of t
  5. No Joy. Added another session with Starburn App. Imported Ashampoo sessions OK. Reboot and try and add another session to the same disk with CDBXP4.5 b3. Same thing... Ashampoo (free version anyway) does not allow selection of FS Optiarc DVD RW AD-7740H 1.00 (ATAPI) Current Profile: DVD-R Disc Information: Status: Incomplete State of Last Session: Empty Erasable: No Sessions: 11 Sectors: 1,823,077 Size: 3,733,661,696 bytes Time: 405:09:52 (MM:SS:FF) Free Sectors: 465,056 Free Space: 952,434,688 bytes Free Time: 103:22:56 (MM:SS:FF) Next Writable Address: 1832832 MID: MCC 03R
  6. It still does not seem possbile to continue a session created with another app, in this case Ashampoo. I get a dialog stating that only session already burned with CDBXP can be continues. I don't get the same with Starburns own app. Is this a bug or intention? A.
  7. It seems that you are on the edge of developing a great app. But, until you can get this compatibility problem sorted it does restrict the usefulness of the app and, more importantly, the trust that can be placed in it. Numediasoft do not seem to have updated their libraries since last year and I really don't think they care about you or your users very much. I'm sorry that all your efforts have come to this, but it seems to me that your only longterm option is to integrate the Starburn library, whatever it takes. Adam PS, I have had no problems. Laptop with ICH9 and intel AHCI driver.
  8. Is the error stored anywhere on the HDD? If so I can forward it I have just managed to make it work with a disk mastered in Ashampoo where I could not import the previous session "Invalid UDF Tag" so copied the contents to hdd and then started a new session. So it clearly works sometimes! A
  9. Hello, CDBXP just sent an error report (very easy to use) as it crashed when using the option to ignore previous sessions on a DVD-R. I successfully burnt by just adding another session and deleting the files from the previous session. Not quite the same I know. Anyway, it looks as if this does not work with DVD-Rs. I have never seen this option on any other burning app. Regards Adam
  10. Hello Flo, Is the new burning engine working out. Their website seems to be down and it has bad spelling! Does the burning engine deployed depend on the version of windows? I am interested because I want to know if some of the problems with Win 7 and drive recognition are caused by coding in .net. Best wishes AMK
  11. I have this problem with XP. The problem seems to be that the drive is not restarting in read mode on completing the burn session. Exit CDBXP, eject disk and remount and all the new files (or deleted files) are correct. I am using a Model: CDDVDW SN-S082H with firmware SB-01 AMK
  12. I have noticed that when doing an audio compilation, only the column boundary between track# and title can be moved to adjust the width. None of the other column widths can be adjusted. Is this a bug or a feature? Thanks AMK
  13. I was able to reproduce this also A. [attachment=0]cdbxp v1849 11 1 10 error.PNG[/attachment]
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