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  1. Hello, I am burning several copies of a audio cd project (Win7/64). But after burning one copy and inserting the next cd I have to start the burning process manually, it did not start automatically. Can anyone help me? Thanks Carlos
  2. Hello, burning several copies of a audio cd project -- error message: drive is not ready, probably the cd is damaged Another burning software I can't use carlos
  3. Thanks for answering me. But one more question: with Nero it's possible to create cd text with pauses between the tracks. In CDBurnerXP a message appears ------- ah, I found the answer: viewtopic.php?p=29438#p29438 Nero just lengthen the tracks to emulate the pauses whereas CDBurnerXP doesn't have this feature and can create audio cds with cd text only without pauses? Thanks again.
  4. Hello, I want to burn audio cds. But where can I set the disc title (displayed e.g. from the Windows explorer)? I can't find this option. Carlos
  5. Hello, I created a audio cd project with cd text informations (my recorder supports this feature). But I can not choose "disc at once" in the burning dialog box: Question: does CDBurnerXP use Disc at Once automatically to get/burn the cd text informations? Windows Media Player should display the informations, or? But the cd text info is missing. Thanks, Carlos
  6. Hello, I burned a DVD as Disc at once, can't play it in a external dvd player -- and this is the DVD information: The session information is irritating, isn't it? And that the DVD is open... So my question: is it possible to finalize a disc only? carlos
  7. But you are the developer, aren't you? ... I have the same problem but now I will try it with this setting as described in http://cdburnerxp.se/help/Appendices/filesystem:
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