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  1. Hi Have you tried the Matrix storage driver from HP homepage to your model?? /freeAppz
  2. Hi I had same problems with Windows7 Home Premium on computer HP Elite 2530p notebook. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8277 (SOLVED) I think the main reason is that be sure that you have the latest chipset driver "from your manufactor like Asus, HP, Dell and more" not from INTEL or AMD/ATI. Developer Flo can´t know all hardware configurations on he´s own, he would need employees and then it would cost money to run CDBurnerXP. /freeAppz
  3. Hi Maybe this will help you.. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8277&p=29837#p29837 /freeAppz
  4. Thanks again Flo Replaced the *.dll file, no luck. Why do you purchase these files, I mean why not making CDBurnerXP OpenSource instead? But I guess you have your reasons.. Are you thinking of making CDBurnerXP buyable in the future or what? That would be a shame.. Although some luck I maybe have, I rebooted and change from AHCI to IDE mode on all my disks and burners in BIOS. Then started Win7 and it configures itself to work properly in IDE mode, then I uninstalled the hole Matrix storage things and downloaded and installed an older one from HP:s home page(not from intels) and rebooted and changed back to AHCI mode.. guess what it works again in AHCI mode! One thing that people can keep in mind is that try download the Matrix storage drivers from manufactors not the intels homepage. HP seem to have made some changes to their matrix driver.. ME SO HAPPY The weird thing is that it work on and I really havent made any updates och changes to the machine! Great app! Keep on rocking the free world Flo!! Thanks again for all your support! Best regards freeAppz
  5. Thanks for the quick answer! First: Thanks for the download link. Second: No other changes has been made on the system except upgrading. I can see that you have made some changes in %appdata% folder, like changed name to Canneverbe Limited instead of Canneverbe_Limited and changed the user.config file to an *.ini file. I also saw that in http://cdburnerxp.se/en/development you have made some changes in with .NET. Can that have caused the problem for me? One other thing I want to ask you. Now that I have tried both MSI and EXE file and uninstalled them correctly each time, is there something more left then the %appdata% folder i should delete to get an clean computer? maybe something i registry that remains? Thanks again for this great application and for your support!! Best regards
  6. Hi Apparently im not the only one with the same problem Flo.... viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8277 I forgot to write that I´ve already read the troubleshooting link in my post. Best regards
  7. Hi This bug seems to be fixed in version! Thanks Flo
  8. Hi Flo After I upgraded from to my cd/dvd-burner is not reconized.. I used the automatic upgrade with setup.exe installation (not the *.MSI) My machine is HP EliteBook 2530p Notebook PC with Windows 7 Home premium installed, with burners name "HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-U20N ATA Device" and it is in the "Compatible Drives" list. (It worked just fine before) Any idea what could have gone wrong? *Edited* Uninstalled CDBXP from controlpanel and tried both *.MSI and *.EXE file. Problem still there. Can´t find the older version on the homepage under old version, I would really like to try install the old one again to confirm the issue. Noticed that CDBXP find some parts of the cd/dvd-burner but I still can´t burn. Sorry for my bad english! Best regards freeAppz[attachment=0]wierd.JPG[/attachment]
  9. Hi Just wanna say that everything works fine in except the option menu, that you already know. Many Thanks Flo
  10. Hi Flo I dont know how you make the MSI or in wich program, but make the MSI installation too automatic upgrade the older version should work fine if you make a new productcode for each version. BTW I really like that you have made a MSI installation of CDBurnerXP! Best regards freeAppz
  11. Tried that.. doenst work. The thing is for me i am using Win7.. and the bars are moving to the right of the screen each time i start cdburnerxp and at the end its all the way to the right.. I dont get an error log at this location only the values. Maybe im missing something. Best regards
  12. It seems that most of the people have it.. So is the correction made or just simply ignored because of 4.3.x?? Best regards freeAppz
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