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  1. Is it a Sata problem ? or a windows 7 problem ? Flo, any suggestion ? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, cdburnerxp 4.3 (like 4.2.7) on my pc (Windows 7 64 bit with an Optiarc sata) burns dvd always at the max speed. Before burning the disc I selected a slow speed (4x) but it took 3 minutes to burn a full dvd. Is there' a workaround for this problem? Thanks
  3. Hi, I've got a problem with cdburnerxp ( every times I try to burn a disc at 80/90% of the process it returns this error An error occurred while burning the disc... (devNoSeekComplete) Could not write to Disc (LBA: 1639040 Length: 32). No Seek Complete. -0x030200 I can't burn any dvd, it always return's this error. My system: Windows 7 64 bit Matrix sata storage driver updated DVD burner Optiarc AD-7241S Sata It seems that it burns always at the maximum speed also. The native windows 7 burning process works fine. Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance
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