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  1. Yes, I used editing software which is what causes the problem with the order.
  2. The problem occurs when moving the selections to the Compilations area where they then revert to the Date Modified. I have them listed in My Pictures by Date Taken. They are shown correctly in the area above in the CDB work area when I open that folder from My Pictures. However, when I Select All and drag them to the Compilation area below, they revert to the Date Modified as is stipulated in the column headings in CDB. Can those headings be changed to, By Date Taken, in the CDB work areas? I am wasting disks trying to get these to be recorded in the correct sequence.
  3. After using editing software for photos, the order of the files is no longer in order AS TAKEN. How can the file organizing be changed to be according to the date the picture was taken rather than the date modified?
  4. Although I think I have figured out two of my three initial problems, one serious problem remains. After "successfully" burning a disk and discovering disappointing limitations/quirks of this program, My disks still are not formatted in such a way that I can play them in either of my DVD players. I have tried using both DVD-R and DVD-RW disks. HELP. The BUG that I discovered is that when burning 1,235 photo files, it burned up to the first 100 fine, but then jumped to copy # 1001, 1002...,1009, and thenback to 101, then back to 1010, 1011..., 1020, then 102, then 1021, etc. See the pattern
  5. I was thrilled to find free software that would allow me to burn my photos, for viewing and for archival purposes, from my Windows My Pictures file. Not knowing for sure, I selected Data Disk and it appeared to burn and verify smoothly. However, it does not play (disc error) in either of my DVD players. Happily, it plays in my new Blu-ray machine, but the sequence of the trip photos was copied out of order as it was in the computer file. So, I have three questions: 1) Which menu option should I be selecting ( Data Disk, Burn ISO, etc.)? 2) How can I burn the DVD in a more compatible forma
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