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  1. hey flo, any luck/updates? did u need more info? *EDIT* i just gave it one more go.. using a rar file of 4.3gigs everything like always on the settings.. after sitting at "starting to burn" for 32 minutes it gave me this error [attachment=0]burn_error.png[/attachment] got to be something going on... just did it with nero 7, 10 minutes and it burned it perfectly (8x speed same dvd!!!)
  2. def that is why we have been working on this prob for so long .. i'm almost certain that it's a conflict between the sata chipset and the drive or something like that.. will see what flo comes up with
  3. sorry forgot the nero infotool printout ([attachment=0]Nero InfoTool 4.pdf[/attachment])
  4. second post with the missing attachments for the record, burning finished after 24mins - not including verification which i guess is irrelevant to the diagnosis nero printout ([attachment=0]burn_options.png[/attachment] ) burning started after 16 min([attachment=1]16min.png[/attachment] ) computer printout ([attachment=2]YALI-PC-Speccy-printout.pdf[/attachment])
  5. Hey guys (hi flo) - I updated the firmware, rebooted and gave it a go same problem - same problem so i will do a recap of my problem and settings, there has to be something else going on) I'm using (latest version of cdburnxp as of today - i double checked) brand new primium verbatium 16x dvds, clean lg drive using sata) First, selected data disk, selected 4 movies (4~g total). (image of selection screen in my second post ) Selected burn selected advanced options selected disc at once option insured cache, finalize disk, speed 8x, close disk (image of options selected) burning started, about 4-5 seconds of "preparing to burn = cache) then "burning file 1.. ([attachment=2]1min.png[/attachment]image 1min.png) after 1 min ([attachment=1]6min.png[/attachment]image 6min.png) after 6 min ([attachment=0]11min.png[/attachment]image 11min.png) after 11 min (image in my second post 16min.png) finally started after 16mins ... now it will work like normal I included nero info tool print out, should give all the spec info for research (in the second post)
  6. As far as I can see caching is enabled when I burn... I'm using AVAST 5 (latest version) and in my earlier tests AVAST 4. No firewalls of any sort (other then standard win7. I really think it must be how the driver is accessed by the chipset, I don't know why but that's my feeling. Do u need any print outs to know more?
  7. Hello Flo, I did the test you asked for. I took an album of music i had (mp3 12 tracks 69~ mins) and created a audio cd. It sat at "preparing cd" for about 1- 1 1/2 minutes and burned it perfectly. (actually, it burned it at 24x speed in 3~ mins, causing POPs in the audio, should of burned slower =P I always forget i never do audio cds). --- I did an other dvd, 3 movies (data dvd) total 3 gigs~ data.. (I always use "advanced options" this time i picked session at once) sat at "preparing to burn " for 10~-15~ mins then started burning (the bar moving and the files getting burned), completed in an other 7~ mins (8x speed). second try did the same exact thing, with the same files, same settings, same options (new dvd but always verbatim 16x high quality dvds) this time it worked perfectly, whole burning process took 7~ mins total (it did not do the slow burn pause like the first try). ---- What i did notice and I don't know if this is important, when the "burning process started" happens, i can hear my dvd drive spin up like crazy, almost like if it needed to read the whole empty dvd, then after it starts (about 10 mins) then the slows down and starts burning normally (the time it takes to burn is almost exactly the same time nero 7 takes, its just this.. getting started time that makes it whole process take for ever). Let me know what else you need.
  8. Hello Flo, Thanks for replying, I've been wanting to use this software for ever, (i run a computer store and we always suggest it) anyway, I've never tried an audio cd, as I always keep them on hd or mp3 players but I will try one today for testing purposes and tell you ok? Right now it happens almost ALWAYS with basic files/iso or what not. I'll let you know soon (i've had it happen with 4.2.xxx and 4.3.xxx) If u want I can send a full detail report on the hd i'm using or anything else you might need to track this down.
  9. Updated to the latest version (using win 7 64bit now.. i formatted from my original 32bit) and still having the same problem. must be a hw issue with how the sata drive gets accessed i guess.. any help guys ? using the very latest version of cd burn as of today
  10. Exactly ! Same thing, some times does it some times not.. i'm also using high quality verbatim dvds , but i'm on Windows 7 ... Any insite?
  11. Every time I try to burn a dvd or cd.. at what ever speed i try (i mainly do dvd 8x on verbatim 16x dvds) it takes about .. 20 mins to start, the burn process stars but it does not copy anything for that first 20 mins then it copies and verifies everything correctly.. any ideas? so total burn time and verify time ends up being 40~ mins same files, same pc, same dvd (well a new fresh one) same drive with nero 7 (last version) it takes 15 mins total to burn at 8x
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