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  1. Although I can't find it now, I thought I saw something a while (ie months) ago about StarBurn fixing this. I updated to the latest version last night and tried it again however and it still seems to be happening. Do you know whether this is supposed to have been fixed yet or not? Perhaps it was made optional and I just didn't look for the configuration setting? Thanks. Tony
  2. I'm having the same problem with the latest version ( In my particular case, the source of the compilation is a network drive served via Samba, and it is on the Samba server that I am running out of handles. The Windows file handle limit would seem not to be an issue anymore (on Windows 7 64-bit), because I can get around the issue for now by copying the source tree to the local hard drive. However the source of the problem would seem to be the same in both cases - cdbxpp.exe is holding an open file handle for every single file added to the compilation. I'm not sure if this was
  3. FYI, I've seen this same error when creating ISO images, when no burner activity was involved at all. So the error itself is more general than that. In my particular case I was using a piece of third-party software functioning as a virtual network file system (specifically the Drive application for my PogoPlug network storage device). When I used a standard Windows network drive mount to a Samba share, the problem went away.
  4. Not sure whether this is a bug, a feature request, or neither, but I've been having a problem trying to create a compilation from a very large directory structure on a Samba share mounted from Windows 7. If the compilation is large enough, CDBurnerXP will open (and evidently not close) many files all at once. On the server this manifests as log entries saying "out of file structures". On the Windows client, it manifests as the connection appearing to be lost. I've tried to work around this by trying to add files and folders to the compilation in batches, in the hope that some of the fil
  5. I guess you can disregard my last post. When I looked through the log file I realized I'd misspelled the error message in my initial search. The error message I have has to do with StarWaveFile, not StarWavFile. When I Googled the right error message, I found this post: http://forum.cdburnerxp.se/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9129 The information there, that moving the image file so the filename wasn't so long, got me going. If this is what others are experiencing, I suggest trying it. As a general tip (call it a feature request), it would be helpful if the error text could be selecte
  6. I'm not sure if it's the same problem, but I am getting an error trying to burn a valid ISO file to CD. Error says that it is probably due to a bad disk, but it happens with several disks, and also happens very quickly after starting - like before there's time to access the drive and determine whether the disk is bad or not. Also, it burns a normal compilation just fine. Log file attached...
  7. I've been wondering about this myself. Not only does security erase (for CD-RWs in my case) not take as long as other tools for the same purpose, but in some cases I'll do a security erase followed by a burn of a new compilation, and on verification I get a failure saying that the number of files on the disk don't match the number of files in the compilation. On further inspection, the original disk content is still present on the disk. Also note that I am able to turn around and erase and successfully burn the same media after this happens using Nero or Roxio software. So I don't think
  8. Well, I'm partially answering my own question. I found and downloaded a tool called ISO Buster that is letting me look at exactly what is on my CD. I've found just two file systems, ISO and UDF - no Joliet despite the settings I chose. This may be because you can't put a Joliet file system in an ISO file, I'm not sure. Also, the ISO file system contains all the mangled file names I mentioned before. I think the case conversion and the conversion of dash to underscore occurs with any level of ISO, but the shortening of names to 8.3 is only a level 1 requirement, and since all my filename
  9. I'm noticing some weird behavior lately with the program. Weird because the behavior is different, and I can't remember anything changing. I updated to 1893 when it came out, but I'm fairly certain that this behavioral change occurred after that. Anyway, here's what's going on. I use CDBXP to write MP3 files in a simple directory structure to CD-RW, which I then play in my car player. The filenames are mixed-case, between 4 and around 12 characters before the extension, and sometimes contain dashes. I've been using the default file system settings of ISO9660/UDF/Joliet , and ISO Level
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