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  1. In version,I choose the Simplified Chinese,but it still display as english. But other languages like Traditional Chinese or Japanese is OK.
  2. You can download the latest version of CDBurnerXP at http://daily.cdburnerxp.se to solve this problem I'm chinese too,and my english is also bad
  3. You're great,I thank you ! Oh,by the way.is this a GUI glitch ?
  4. There is no Errors.log in my "C:\Users\Administrator\Application Data\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP\"folder Here is the cdbxpp.resources.dll file
  5. Where is this Errors.log? I note something is wrong,but I feel it is hard to describe this when I open cdbxpp.resources.dll in zh-CHSfolder with Notepad++ or other editor,I saw many english words,not chinese. I think the installer put the wrong file in zh-CHS folder
  6. Here is the content of UserSettings.ini [General] AppLanguage=zh-CHS ExitToNotify=0 ToolbarDisplayStyle=2 OnlyUseSingleUnit=0 StartLastUsedProjectType=0 LoggingEnabled=0 UseCustomTempFolder=0 LastUsedProjectType=1 AutoUpdate=1 [Data] DataExplorerPath=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop DataExplorer=1 DataCacheFilesAutomatically=1 DataUpdateAutomatically=0 DataBurnVerify=0 DataBurnFinalize=0 DataUseDiscAtOnce=0 DataBurnEject=1 DataTileVertical=0 DataMode2XA=0 DataAskForSettings=1 DataDropFormLocation=0;0 DataFileFilter=*.* DataExplorerViewStyle=1 DataSplitterExplorer=261 DataSplitterVertical=239 DataSplitterLayout=261 LastDataBurnSpeed=0 DataFileSystem=7 DataIsoLevel=2 DataFileViewColWidthName=180 DataFileViewColWidthSize=100 DataFileViewColWidthType=130 DataFileViewColWidthDate=110 DataLastDeviceUsed=G CopyDisableHardwareEC=0 CopyIgnoreUnreadableData=0 CopyReadRetries=3 CopyImageType=0 CopyEjectDisc=0 CopyFinaliseDisc=1 DataLabel=Disc [Iso] IsoEjectDisc=1 IsoFinalize=1 IsoMode2XA=0 [Audio] AudioAutoCDText=1 AudioExplorerViewStyle=1 AudioReplayGain=0 AudioTileVertical=0 AudioSplitterExplorer=0 AudioPauseLength=2 AudioSplitterVertical=0 AudioExplorer=1 AudioCloseDisc=1 AudioBurnEject=1 AudioBurnGapless=0 AudioShowPlayer=1 AudioPlayerSize=0*0 AudioPlayerPos=0;0 AudioFileFilter=*.* LastAudioBurnSpeed=0
  7. Thank you for reply. yes, there is a "zh-CHS" folder with a"cdbxpp.resources.dll"file in it CRC32: F23EBAFE MD5: 55B18B99E6742626B32DDD29135BF31B SHA-1: 48D2883DCD6FB4DC99F7F31936DC715AC9682E7B almost forgot,My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Simplified Chinese
  8. In version,I choose the Simplified Chinese,but it still display as english,even I restart the CDBurner,it won't change the language to Simplified Chinese. But other languages like Traditional Chinese or Japanese is OK. Please fix this bug,Thank you.
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