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  1. Hi

    This feature is extremely important to me as I manually record my old music from Vinyl to an audio cds using a seperate HiFi audio cd recorder (but keep the session/cd open without finalizing so I can add/burn mp3s from my computer). I use both vinyl records and audio cds, & make my own compilations of music but mainly use cds now. I need to add mp3s which I have on my computer hardrive (ripped using win media player), to the non finalized audio cds I have created using my HiFi audio cd recorder. This will allow me to fill up the incomplete audio cds I have left open with mp3/audio converted files from my computer hardrive prior to finalizing the cd ready for standard audio cd playback.

    I am not sure why it has all of a sudden just stopped working. This feature worked perfectly well before and would like to re-enable this, so that I am not waiting too long before I am able to finalize/fill a part compiled audio disc.



  2. Hi

    I am having trouble burning onto non-finalized audio cds which already have non-finalized music files on the cd created by an audio recorder. Whilst this feature was working before it has since stopped :( and I get and error message asking to insert an empty disc. For me this feature is very important as I record from cds and vinyl. CD Burner XP recognizes the pre-written audio data however is now having trouble adding to a part compiled audio cd all of a sudden.

    why would this just stop working? and how can I make this work again



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