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  1. Hi there, just tried several different cd-r types, three different drives (2 SATA, 1 IDE), three different versions of CDBurnerXP (including the latest), 2 different OSes (XP32 & 7 Home Premium 32), but I always get the error "(devPowerOnResetOccurred) Could not write to Disc (LBA: -150 Length: 26). Power On, Reset, or Bus Device Reset Occurred. - 0x062900". Everything is connected to a Gigabyte 965 DS-3P v3.3, C2D E6600, 4GB OCZ Ram. Nero works without problems. Any ideas what to do?
  2. Hi there, I don't know what to do... I have two drives: One Samsung CD/DVDW SH-183A and a Samsung CDW/DVD SH-M522C. Both work without any problems with Aheads Nero but don't work with CDBurnerXP (, also tried other versions on XP and 7). Everytime I start to burn (~600 MB on a 700MB disc) the device starts to work (as I can hear) but the burning itself doesn't start. The led on the drive is blinking. The progress bar doesn't even move. The only thing I can do is cancel the job (after a few minutes). But the disc isn't useable anymore and contains no data. For me it seems t
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