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  1. There are problems with commercial CD players' ability to read data CDs. Many can only read audio CDs that are not rewritable. Also, older players cannot read MP3 files, only files in .cda format. If you use audio CD-R discs and use a program like iTunes or Windows Media Player to burn your songs as audio CDs (not MP3 CDs or data CDs), it should clear up the problem. Thanks
  2. First of all, is the image a CD or DVD image? You can't burn a CD ISO image to a DVD. It won't work. Second, burning software nearly always has an option for burning an image to a disk. You don't do a normal burn, as you would with other files. Look for a "burn CD image" or "burn DVD image" option in the software. But the big question is why are you downloading bootlegged games? Do you know that this is not only stealing, but that the game images could be infected with all kinds of crap? Well, good luck with that.
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